My name is Mario Mele, i am a web developer and you are on my blog.

Made with love with my own hands, it started it's path in 1999, when i learned the first HTML4 tags. After a long process – being self-taught, I developed it in my spare time – it started to be my blog when, in 2002, I took the current domain based on my pseudo at the time, Akeela [əkilə].

Since then it is my favorite hobby, where I commit myself to keep it up to date with the latest technology and also, to share my thoughts.

In fact, you will not find me on social networks because I find them impersonal and artificial as human relationships. As noted by Sheldon in the episode 10 of the 5th season:

Howard: I thought you didn't like Facebook anymore.
Sheldon: Oh, don't be silly. I'm a fan of anything that tries to replace actual human contact.

So, to all of you that know me and not, thanks for passing by to see what the hell i do on the interweb.

This is a bunch of text written like crap just for. What the hell do you care about?