Music icon BGM #9 

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*BGM (BackGround Music), it is the music that describes my feelings of the moment.

Music icon BGM #8 

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*BGM (BackGround Music), it is the music that describes my feelings of the moment.

Log icon Marty is coming today! 

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Be careful Marty McFly is coming today. Unbelievable, we are in the future!

What a hoot guys, I go for a ride on my hoverboard.

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Thoughts icon Dance with me... 

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I think about you and how i would like to dance with you.

Only the time for this song.

To feel your warmth against me.

Just for a while...

Log icon How USA prepare war 

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Speech by George Friedman, political adviser to the State Department, founder of the think tank Stratfor speaks at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs of 2015.

This video highlights the most important part of his speech.

Important issues are brought to light and makes us understand very well what are the forces in field, their role and above all their plans in the sphere of geo-politics.

It is spooky...

If you want to see the whole speech (but not subtitled) this is the video.

Log icon Mass espionnage 

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je-suis-charlie-sur-ecoute.pngAnother nice shot from France that has just approved the law that allows intelligence services to directly access data, metadata, user name and password, from users "suspected" of undermining national security.

The beauty is that providers and telephone companies will have to deliver them without problems andwithout a mandate of the judge.

In many ways, the French law is even more intrusive of the Patriot Act. The secret services (Services de Spécialisés renseignement) canintercept everything and everyone, even without the intervention of the judiciary system. From the technical point of view, all traffic on the networks will go through the black boxes, ie digital filters that managers and providers will have to settle in their router. The algorithms that govern the devices pass through a sieve every bit, chasing data considered "suspicious".

What more, this matter speaks for itself.

Full text of the law.

Music icon R.I.P. B.B. King 

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