Thoughts icon Patriot Act Made in France? 

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Here, after this "terrorist" (in quotes because too many things are wrong) episode, France stumble.

Stumbles because it makes the same mistake of the US after 9/11 when they introduced the infamous Patriot Act.

They make the scheme of a law decree that, as the US counterpart, takes away freedom to citizens.
Simply put, this decree give the police force, the power to shut down any website within 24 hours without having to go by the courts, with the help of the Internet service provider.

A pretty bullshit if you ask me, because to draw a line between the legitimate exercise of freedom of speech and incitement or condoning an act of terrorism is an "exercise" difficult even for a judge who is called to hire with the times and the ways of a process as summary.

Therefore if this decree pass, basically, the terrorists win and goodbye freedom of expression.

Well done.

History is made to avoid making the same mistakes, but for some morons there's no way...

Log icon Je Suis Charlie 

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Log icon A fucking happy new year 2015 

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Let's take a deep breath and distance ourselves from the previous post.

Now it is time for new resolutions for this year.


For what concerns me, i have only one.

This year (and hopefully for a long time), I will be in my kick-ass mode.


You are warned.

Log icon Merry Christmas...of hypocrisy 

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...Outside of its religious significance, Christmas has taken in the last century a significant importance in terms of trade and economic, linked to the custom of exchanging gifts. For example, in the United States has been estimated that about one quarter of all personal spending is done at Christmas time...

I have the feeling of being like the waning moon, with the dark side growing. Inexorable.

Disheartened by this society with many deplorable aspects. Without values.

Fortunately, at this time it's the waxing moon. 27.6% illuminated and stable.

Even the days, gradually increases. Always accrue.

There is a light at the end of my tunnel. Weak as 61 Cygni. But constant.

I keep going on adamant...

Log icon Don Salvatore 

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My uncle's new book, Don Salvatore, is out.

Share it, buy it, love it.

Music icon Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways 

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Today, in all the world wide stores, the new Foo Fighters album called Sonic Highways is out.

I talked about it a while ago so, all i have to say now is, go fucking buy it!

I know i'll do.

Thoughts icon The recall 

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Nice to see other things, beautiful to travel, staying abroad for a while makes you even some good.

But inside you even unintentionally, you feel a recall.


To the origins, that of your land...

Log icon Lecce 2019 

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logo2019.pngI was preparing my self a good coffee when i noticed on my Quarta pack a logo with the internet adress

Intrigued, i went there to take a look and i discovered something beautiful. Lecce is a finalist to become The European Capital of Culture!

Nothing less. I did not know the existence of this title.

Precisely, it means...

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