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winamp.pngReborn after being at the frontier of death (see article below), Winamp is alive again!
Rumors spoke of contact with Microsoft interested in buying the package winamp + shoutcast, information immediately denied by Microsoft itself. The real, new owner of this package is Radionomy.

Adding Shoutcast to existing Radionomy activities will make the company one of the largest players in the streaming radio business, which hosts about 60,000 radio stations, or about half of online radio stations on the market today.
Meanwhile, Radionomy intends to offer Winamp’s media player just as it is today — with access to those 60,000 stations, but also playback ability for 60 audio and video formats; 6,000 add-ons like skins and plug-ins; and availability in 16 languages.

The Winamp website is undergoing complete transformation, and a new version of the software should be released soon.
Welcome back Winamp !

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After 15 years of meritorious success, Winamp will close its doors on December 20th. A decision that I was afraid to come since Nullsoft was bought by AOL.
A final version was released just in time for this announcement. The version 5.666 of Winamp is now available on the official website to download so hurry because after December 20th it will no longer be available. We don't actually know which web services will find themselves with the power plug disconnected but I fear that access to Gracenote (renaming mp3 tags) and streaming radio (SHOUTcast) days are numbered.

A pity, this software is a piece of history for many and a petition was created to demand AOL to maintain this project alive or at least, make it open-source. The latter solution would be ideal. We'll see if AOL will respond to users.

In the meantime, on the official forum, one of the official developers (known on the forum as DrO) has said that he will do everything to keep development going on, so keep an eye on his website to see if it succeeds.

Let's hope so.

Update : It seems that Microsoft is interested in buying Winamp and all it's services. In fact, the Redmond's giant would be very interested in the SHOUTcast streaming radio service. Let's see what happens.
Update 2 : Someone reported me that there is a site to preserve the legacy of Winamp, where you can continue to download the installer even after the official site's closure. So, you will find Winamp always available on

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Shumway is a Firefox extension developed by Mozilla, and is a technological experiment in HTML5 that in practice, wants to make playing SWF file (Flash) directly in the browser without the assistance of native code.

In other words, this extension allows us to play Flash movies and games without needing to install the plug -in from Adobe. This is a good thing because before you delete this plug-in , the better.
In the future, integration with Firefox is a possibility if the experiment will be successful.

In parole povere, questa estensione ci permette di riprodurre filmati e giochi Flash senza avere bisogno di installare il plug-in di Adobe. Questo è una bella cosa perché prima si elimina questo plug-in e meglio è.
In futuro, l'integrazione con Firefox è una possibilità se l'esperimento avrà successo.

If you want to try, this is the address to install :

If you also want to contribute, the project page on GitHub is this :

Well done Mozilla, i hope this project will end up natively on Firefox very soon.

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I was going to write a few lines of my thought when reading the blog of Claudio Messora, I saw them lying just that line of thought. Same identical. Evidence that the current situation does not convince anybody.

Here is his vision of our society, which I fully share :
Then one day you find yourself driving on a strip of asphalt, a red-hot sun splitting the stones, under a deep blue sky and that never seems to end. And you are thinking that, after all, to the universe is of little interest: the winds continue to blow, the seasons change, the swallows and streams pursue, the trees swaying in the breeze in the morning, as do sea anemones immersed in the current. You know it well every time you take a plane: the world, huge and indifferent as it is, all in all it does not matter that much of what animates the anthills of men. Everything has always remained good or bad as it was. It will then become clear how all this talk of crisis, shaking around, basically is nothing but a struggle of internal reorganization. Like a giant fight in an apartment building. It is sufficient that the red ants would stop hating black ones. It is sufficient that the one of the first floor also understand that he has to pay a little 'of the elevator for the old woman on the fifth. There is no crisis if not our of human beings. And this is the thing that hurts the most.Claudio Messora

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Looking for scientific stuff on Vimeo, I came across this funny video, with a great production.

Log icon Our story in 1 minute 

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I came across this video while i was watching some musical stuff on Youtube.

A pretty good summary of our orgins until today.

To remember in a short time where we come to perhaps help us know where to go.

Music icon BGM #6 

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Lately, i've been listening to a lot of music let say...light or rather, peaceful. Maybe a little melancholic.

Who better than Jon Hopkins represents exactly what I have in mind.
It is something extraordinary how his music "guesses" always how to define my moods.

Do not think for this that I feel bad or sad, no. Perhaps a little melancholic, but I end up thinking that it is part of me.

So here is a track of his new record in collaboration with King Creosote.

Amazing like always.

*BGM (BackGround Music), it is the music that describes my feelings of the moment.

Music icon BGM #5 

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Today i feel sad, for so many reasons i have the blues.

A great 22min mix is reflecting perfectly my mood.


*BGM (BackGround Music), it is the music that describes my feelings of the moment.
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